Protecting Yourself and Your Assets
                         Protecting Yourself and Your Assets

We Offer Experienced, Professional Training for Instructors and Students


With my recent relocation to the Tucson area I will initially be concentrating on providing high quality hands on Instructor Training to qualified shooters desiring to become part of the exciting, fast growing  USCCA Instructor Program. I plan at least 4 to 6 instructor classes per year.


Details on Becoming a USCCA Certified Instructor, click here please 

Next Instructor Class March 25/26  9am to 6pm in Tucson, AZ area 


In 2017 I will also be offerring Basic Pistol, NRA Range Safety Officer, Intro to Competitive Shooting, Holster Draw and classes designed to take you Beyond the Basics.  While the NRA RSO instructor training will be the standard NRA class, the other classes will be customized  private  small group handgun classes.


These short, small custom handgun classes are designed with you and focus on what you want to learn, improve on, or master. Everything is based based on where your skiils are and where you want to be in the future.  No prearranged 6 or 8 hr class with 10 people of different skill levels, backgrounds and goals being exposed to a variety of techninques and skillls, that may or may not suit there needs.


Details on our personalized handgun training are here for selecting the correct pistol, basic markmanship skills, intermediate skills and drills, holster draw, intro to competitive and intro to defensive shooting skills 


Who is Robert E (Bob) Jahn and Why Train with Him?

It really DOES matter who you select for your training and that they have the knowledge , skills, training and experience to present the topic in a manner that is meaningful and useful to you.


What attributes should you look for in a trainer?  Here is a good starting list  of what to look for in a trainer.  I hit the highlights of my training background and approach, here  and show the details on a page linked to my overview.   I believe in training constantly and working to perfect techniques, on and off the range.


Equally important to what I do is what I DO NOT DO.  I do not have a military or police background, so I do NOT attempt to teach tactical classes or present advanced techniques like disarms, etc. Many others have this background and you should train with them, I have and it's a great learning experience.  


Some instructor's prefer to yell around, conduct classes in a military style and even put down students who are not keeping up or meeting their expectations. That is just NOT me, and the only time I raise my voice is for a safety issue. I don't allow cursing and screen folks so they should be able to keep up with the class. Student's who violate safety and range rules siit down for a while or get sent home, no exceptions.  Range safety is always paramount for everyone on the range.  


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 New Location for REJ Firearms Training and Robert E Jahn, LLC

We are excited to announce our relocation to the Tucson, AZ area.  We are pleased to bring our years of  QuickBooks  accounting, tax filing and REJ Firearms Training expertise to the Oro Valley area.